Food information


Me Love shares the growing concern for the welfare of animals reared for food and the sustainability of global fish stocks. We work closely with all our suppliers to ensure that we practice what we preach.


The list below gives you an overview of the main products we use and their country of origin.

Sushi Rice - we use a Japanese rice grain which is cultivated (grown) in either California or Italy. Japan exports very small amounts of sushi rice due to the high level of domestic demand.

Seaweed (Nori) – we use seaweed from South Korea.

Fish - our fish comes from Scotland & Norway (Salmon), The Med, South America or South Africa (Tuna) and our Black Cod is from Alaskan waters. None of our fish comes from Japan/Japanese seas.

Seafood - our seafood comes from Indonesia or Thailand. None of our seafood comes from Japan/Japanese seas. We only use real crab (Snowcrab meat from Canada) in our dishes and never use imitation crab stick like many of our competitors.

Soy - Our soy is brewed in and imported from South Korea.

Ginger - our ginger is grown and pickled in South Korea.

Sake - California or Japan (restaurant sake), South Korea (cooking sake).


Our policy is to ensure we only use sustainable fish by working closely with our fish wholesalers and to continually seek new fish, which are plentiful and from farmed or sustainable sources to put on our menu.

Cod - We use Alaskan Black Cod (Sablefish), which is fished using a long-line method and this helps ensure that Black Cod populations are neither overfished nor approaching an overfished status.

Tuna - we use line caught tuna as much as possible and we ONLY use Yellow Fin Tuna, and NEVER the endangered Blue Fin Tuna in our restaurants.

Prawns - the prawns we use are farmed in Thailand. Our prawns are a sustainable product.

Salmon - he salmon we use is from Scottish salmon farms. Our salmon is a sustainable product.


Me Love takes the welfare of animals reared as a source of food very seriously.

Chicken - our chicken meat is 'free-range', which means they are allowed to roam free, as opposed to being kept in tiny cramped cages (battery-reared). Our chicken meat is supplied to us by a reputable London-based butcher and is certified as Halal.

Eggs - the eggs we use are 'free-range', which means the hens are allowed to roam free, as opposed to being kept in tiny cramped cages (battery-reared). We only use eggs from British farms.

Beef - our beef is from British farms and is 'free-range'. Our beef is supplied to us by a reputable butcher and is certified as Halal.


For any information regarding food allergies, please contact us by phone or by email using the submission form on the contact us page.