4 Item(s)

  • Black Cod Miso

    Black Cod Miso

    Black cod marinated in sweet miso sauce then grilled until golden brown and served with rice and salad

  • Wasabi Prawns

    Wasabi Prawns

    Five large, juicy tiger prawn covered in a light and crunchy batter, topped with a wasabi mayonnaise dressing and decorated with wasabi flying fish roe

  • Spicy Beef & Garlic

    Spicy Beef & Garlic

    Prime cuts of fillet steak cooked medium rare with roasted garlic in a spicy soy sauce, served with rice and summer salad

  • Panko Sea Bass

    Panko Sea Bass

    Breaded lightly fried sea bass steak served with rice and summer salad

4 Item(s)