6 Item(s)

  • Spicy Tempura Futomaki

    Spicy Tempura Futomaki

    Tempura fried mixed vegetables rolled with spicy mayo

  • Soft Shell Crab Futomaki

    Soft Shell Crab Futomaki

    Deep-fried crispy soft shell crab, sliced cucumber, flying fish roe and chopped spring onion with mayo and sweet chilli sauce

  • Eel & Cucumber Futomaki

    Eel & Cucumber Futomaki

    Barbequed freshwater eel, sliced cucumber and sesame seeds with sweet barbeque sauce

  • Vegetarian Futomaki

    Vegetarian Futomaki

    Fresh asparagus, avocado, sliced cucumber, sweet omelette, tofu and pickled radish

  • Phoenix Futomaki

    Phoenix Futomaki

    Sliced salmon, tuna, seabass, cucumber and flying fish roe fried in tempura batter

  • New York Futomaki

    New York Futomaki

    Smoked salmon and chopped cucumber with cream cheese

6 Item(s)