Special Rolls

5 Item(s)

  • Spider Roll

    Spider Roll

    Jumbo soft shell crab and salad on the inside,with orange flying fish roe, spring onion, bbq sauce and spicy mayo on the outside.

  • Crunch Roll

    Crunch Roll

    Tempura prawn, eel and cucumber on the inside, with flying fish roe, tempura croutons, wasabi peas, bbq sauce and spicy mayo on the outside.

  • Me Love Rainbow Roll

    Me Love Rainbow Roll

    Crab meat, lettuce on the inside with salmon, tuna, sea bass, prawn, eel, avocado, bbq sauce & wasabi mayo on the outside

  • Salmon & Crab Roll

    Salmon & Crab Roll

    Salmon, crab meat, avocado & cucumber on the inside with salmon, black tobiko, spring onion, balsamic glaze & mayonnaise on outside

  • Dragon Roll

    Dragon Roll

    Tempura tiger prawn and fresh asparagus on the inside, with slices of eel and avocado on the outside. Decorated with sweet BBQ eel sauce, mayonnaise, orange flying fish roe & wasabi flying fish roe

5 Item(s)